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My name is Clare! This started out as a fandom blog, but now it turned into basically "whatever tickles my fancy" blog. Which is pretty much anything and everything nerdy. Started in the LOTR fandom at age 5 when I tried to read FOTR. I tend to forget I am a multi-fandom blog when I am on a tag, so just a warning! You may also experience a lot of Disney, musical theatre, dance, and Pentatonix along with the other fandom stuff. I will most definitely love you if you quote Monty-Python at me or serenade me with lyrics from musical! Don't be scared to talk to me! Most people don't anyway so talking to me would really make my day :) I love you and I love God!


"Only sometimes…"

The Dalek Invasion of Earth - season 02 - 1964

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constantly looking forward to my next meal

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I’m watching An Extremely Goofy Movie and damn this movie is 90’s

But it was made in 2000

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